Digital Marketing Services

Targeted online advertising that drives sales and leads to your business. Our customer-oriented approach to digital marketing services drives us to provide well-researched and targeted strategies that will capture the attention of your target audience and convert them to customers.

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Inbound Hunters uses sophisticated services to boost lead generation and revenue. Our expertise guides us to create irresistible campaigns that bring companies results. With an effective ad, businesses have the opportunity to come in contact with potential customers online and convert them to clients.

Our Work

While you deliver great products and services we focus on creating top ad campaigns. We have a team of experts who have spent countless hours learning and growing with PPC advertising platforms.
Let us develop an effective PPC strategy for your product that will provide you the best results customized to your needs.

From ad design to campaign analysis, inbound hunters is your customized PPC management team.

We work closely with our clients.

We are always available. Asking questions or providing feedback is simple and efficient.

We bring results

We have a result-driven mindset. We focus on delivering high ROI campaigns that will drive sales to your business.

We continuously improve our campaigns

Online advertising is not a one-size-fits-all industry. We use research and data-driven insights to create ad copy that works best for your business.

Our Process

The most successful marketing strategies begin with a plan. We agree. Before publishing your first ad, our team has spent quality time researching your business, your customers — and your competitors.

  • Market Research

We want your brand to lead the market. We conduct research and study the current market trends, best practices, and customer behavior. We also take notes on which details set you apart from competitors. This includes services, messaging, values, and more.

  • Analysis

We analyze it all — from your audience groups to the marketplace to your ad accounts. The Inbound Hunters team spends time looking for patterns, trends, stand-out details, and more. Documenting this information prepares our team to customize an ad campaign for your business.

  • Strategy Development

Our ultimate goal is to see increased revenue and the greatest return on your company’s investment. Our team discusses proven steps that will guarantee a successful ad campaign. This step also allows us to prepare for adjustments.

  • Assets & Campaign Development

With Inbound Hunters, you are receiving our best. We create well-written copy and attention-grabbing visuals. Our creatives contribute individuals skills to each part of the process.

  • On-going Monitoring & Optimization

When the ad campaign begins, our work is far from over. We use A/B testing of images, colors, and ad copy to see which option works best. We’re doing our job well when we see increased conversion rates.

Our Services

Our team is well-versed in various ad-placement platforms. There’s no need to know all of the details — leave it to the experts. We provide highly targeted campaigns to reach the right audience that will convert.

Platforms Used:

Google Shopping

With our help, place your best products in front of your potential customers during their online Google search. This form of e-commerce advertising has a proven track record of success.

Display Advertising

This in-house environment reassures clients that their campaigns are a priority. Asking questions or providing feedback is simple and efficient.

Social Media Advertising
(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Most customers are on at least one social media network. With our targeted ads, we help you meet your customers while they connect with friends, family, and colleagues.

Search Marketing Management
(Google Ads, Bing Ads)

We know how important it is for business websites to land at the top of search engine results pages. We do the research and invest the time to bring your business to the top.

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We also provide additional services to make sure your ads are spot-on. The extra services include:

Landing Pages

We provide custom landing pages that directly tie to your ads. We don’t bring your customers to a generic page that requires additional clicks. We make it easy for them to find what they need.

Ad Copy

We know your brand. After keyword searches, research, and years of experience, we create clickable ad copy to attract online users.

Research (Keywords,
Audience, Competition)

As part of our process, we do our homework. This includes keyword searches to see which words customers are using during online searches. We categorize audience groups, and we always keep an eye on the competition.

Website Tracking and
Performance Reporting

We’re watching, testing, and reporting. We provide detailed results for your website, including the number of visits and other performance factors.

Data Analysis and
Campaigns Optimization

We look to see what’s working — and which things to reconsider. We continue to make changes to your ad campaigns until the customer makes the connection.

Creatives Development
and Optimization

From images to colors, we create and design your ads. We then fine-tune these details until we see conversion.

Geotargeting and

We keep your content local to your customers. This helps with engagement and making a local connection. When it’s time to use remarketing, we create a game plan to see how we can best create ads for targeted audience segments.

Our Values

When you partner with Inbound Hunters, know that we share the same values. We want you to succeed, achieve top performance, and grow.

With our in-house team paired with your business, collaboration is one of our strongest tools. Understanding your business and needs helps our goal-oriented team achieve success.

We spend hours on research to help us better understand why customers make decisions. We then test, and test again. This ongoing growth and optimization mindset keep us focused on top performance and the greatest return on your investment.

Preparing for growth, we begin the discussion on new business opportunities to engage your customers. We are always researching to stay ahead of competitors, and we provide scalable campaigns to meet the needs of a growing company.

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